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Forces Sauces

Attention! Forces Sauces is parachuting into 170 Waitrose supermarkets across the country this week.  Corporal Ketchup and Brigadier Brown are on duty and ready to serve.  Call your local store first and check it's in stock, then - Quick march! Read more

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Supporting the Veterans' Community

Each year, Stoll receives over 200 applications for housing and support each year. We know the support we can give has a direct impact on their lives but we cannot do it without your help. How can you help?

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Putting veterans at the heart of our services

Our comprehensive support packages include tailored care and accommodation for disabled Veterans, back-to-work confidence building for the formerly homeless, and much more.

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About the charity

Our mission is to help vulnerable Veterans reintegrate into the community by providing rehabilitative care and support. We offer them the training and support programmes that will help them live in a stable, comfortable home and return to work.

Combat Veteran Players

henryv1The Combat Veteran Players, a theatre company comprised entirely of Veterans performing Shakespeare while overcoming mental trauma as featured on BBC Radio 4 special 'And Calm of Mind' To support CVP's next performance visit Justgiving.

Veteran’s Support Service


Stoll reaches out to Veterans who slip through the support net. Building trust, providing a helping hand and ensuring our ex-Service men and women get the help they deserve. Read more

Veterans' Nomination Scheme

The Veterans's Nomination Scheme (VNS) is a national initiative ensuring that Veterans in housing need can access affordable homes in the social housing sector. Read more







With homes and support, peace of mind can be bought – help our ex-Services today

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